Thursday, January 23, 2014

Aztec leggings love

Looking around on Pinterest I came across pictures like these and I couldn't resist but to check on Ebay.

I found lots and lots of Aztec print leggins, shipped for free from California and once I received the first one I was in love! They're super soft and comfy. I ordered 3 more! They're only $11.90.

Here's the link to the buyer I bought from.

I had to email her about something and she responded super fast and mailed the product promptly. Hope you like them too!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Sunday, January 12, 2014

William's nursery

Yup, I need to catch up!! William is already 3 months and a half and I haven't shown you his room! As you know my mom was here for 3 amazing months and she was a true blessing. You'll see what I mean. But not only with what you're about to see but because she is my momma and it was great to have her. She cooked yummy meals, she helped me through all the hard times at the beginning. I'd be breastfeeding for hours and she'd hand me food, a coffee, this or that. Whatever I needed. I miss her so much.

Take a look at what she did.

 Yes, she hand crafted the ends of the crib, with wood purchased at Lowe's The crib was $120 at Ikea. The sheets are made from Joanne's Fabrics. She hand painted everything.
 This changing station was a gift from my sweet friend Janelle. My mom sanded it and painted it. She also made the changing pad cover, painted the basket and made a matching fabric liner.
 In process...

 This awesome pieces were hand painted by my sister Laura.

 Curtains hand made and my mom bought this lamp shade at Downtown LA.
 My mom loving every moment.
 Awesome art pieces by my friend Nicole.

William is 16 weeks old!

Hello all,

it's been quite awhile! As you may guess, my baby boy was born Sept 30th!

I was a week overdue and was scheduled to be induced. I got admitted at midnight and started on the pitocin. I went to sleep, but in the middle of the night I was shot with something and they said they stopped the pitocin because the baby's heart rate was dropping. My husband threw up all night and my dad cried when he found out. I was totally passed out.

I think they didn't administered the epidural until the morning but oh I felt some contractions and I am glad I chose the route I chose. I was in labor all day until 10 pm. I pushed but the baby wasn't coming down and his heart rate dropping really low. We didn't know, but he had the cord around his neck twice. I went to have c-section and I must say that it was the easiest part of all, compared to breastfeeding challenges! But you guys don't want to read all of that!

With you,

William Dale by Brandi O'Neall Photography