Hi guys!! I just wanted to share a quick post with you. I have been trying a few different mascaras, especially Wet 'n Wild and Loreal and I gotta say the  L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara is my favorite mascara so far! I use it in Carbon Black.

I'll share some recent photos of my recent make up looks with you, even though they might or might now feature long eye lashes lol

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen these already so I apologize!

I love that is not very pricey and it gives you a ton of volume without smudging my eye lashes! I already have semi long eye lashes, therefore I don't need a lot more but it's always nice to have your eyes pop. It definitely makes a difference!

Wet 'n Wild's mascaras are a little cheaper than the Loreal one so that's a great affordable option. However, if you want a lot of volume go with this one!

Here's a pic of me and this random guy I met at an elevator and asked if I could take a duck face pic with, he said "sure!". J/k he's my hubby.

And here's a photo of my creepy eye

I'm watching you!
I wish you could see the effect better! You'll have to trust me on this one. But honestly, I've seen a lot of beauty gurus use this mascara!

What is your favorite mascara?


Hello my beloved reader! If you came to the blog today and were wondering why there were only pictures and no words on this post, I have to tell you I'm so sorry! I scheduled this post to go live and I got so distracted and excited with the birth of my niece that I forgot to write it! I am so so so sorry! But welcome back, and let's take a look at the latest pages of my journal:


I wanted to share with you guys what I am watching lately on you tube. This changes from time to time because of the things I'm into or what I want to learn. But there are a few that stick and I subscribed and I watch all the time.


Hi guys! I received a lot of good feedback regarding my Kate Spade inspired Planner stickers and the Pineapple and Flamingo ones, so I thought of doing another spread with beautiful images. They're not necessarily a theme, so you might want to use them in different layouts or you might want to use them in a weekly or monthly layout. If you're an experienced planner there's not much i can tell you, you know the drill. More than me.

You can download it Here!

If you see my Instagram pictures of my planner you will notice that I am still getting the hang of it. There are so many planner "nerds" out there like they like to be called and so much inspiration that at the beginning is hard to find one's own style. Like I love what I do on my journal (#creativejournal, lol) but on my planner? I am still discovering who I am if that makes any sense. Vintage Glam Studio has beautiful planner stickers that fit the Erin Condren's layout but my planner has smaller boxes so it's hard to feel like those stickers are for me, and it makes me want to get an Erin Condren's planner even though they are more than $50 dollars. Dru from Vintage Glam Studio suggested the Happy Planner and I checked it out and it's about $21 which is not a huge damage. I am working on two Target planners right now and kind of learning the ropes. I need to make sure that I will take this seriously before I put more money into it, you know what I mean? No point in printing stickers and having a $21 or $50 planner if it just lays there unused. Phew, didn't mean to rant, just sharing my thoughts about this new adventure I am in.
I gotta say I love the planner community. It's filled with very creative and happy people that love to share what they're passionate about!

Well I hope you enjoy these stickers and comment below if you'd like me to do a theme in particular!


Hello! Not much to report in the "loss" part of this post. But no weigh gain! Which is good, because I took a little break from the juicing and ate normal food, and not so good for me food as well. 


This might come too late because it's not raining anymore, but I wanted to share with you some very inexpensive activities to keep your toddlers entertained if you need to be indoors. Of course, during summer the beach and the parks are a must, but sometimes mommys need to get things done in the house, so these activities might come in handy.